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SBL Solutions' mission is to assist the onshore and offshore wind industry as one of the main sources of renewable energy.

SBL Solutions’ mission is to assist the onshore and offshore wind industry as one of the main sources of renewable energy by delivering more efficient and sustainable wind energy solutions.

SBL Solutions’ has an abundance of experience in managing a number of wind farm constructions and turbine maintenance for leading investors. We have highly experienced teams across wind farm services which include:

  • Services And Maintenances
  • Main Component Exchange
  • WTG Inspections
  • Mechanical & Electrical Installation

SBL Solutions have what it takes to manage a project through construction and into operations, anticipating and managing key risks for asset owners while constantly being on the lookout for new opportunities.


SBL Solutions Services


Services And Maintenances

SBL Solutions provide complete servicing support to most Wind Farms throughout Australia, Asia and New Zealand and are the leading service provider in the industry.

Main Component Exchange

SBL Solutions support our clients through our heavily experienced technicians that assist with the exchange of main components such as gearboxes, generators, main shafts, blades and bearings. We have a core group of technicians who are able to mobilise at very short notice to fulfil the clients needs.

WTG Inspections

During the operational life of a wind turbine, many elements affect the condition and efficiency of these machines overtime. SBL Solutions can provide all inspections necessary to fulfil the client’s periodic inspection needs and flag any condition and/or defects prior to any failures occurring, reducing turbine downtime and productivity.

Mechanical & Electrical Installation

Our business has a long reference list of wind farm construction projects managed from beginning to end for the mechanical and electrical scope of works.

Quality Assurance

SBL Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality of work through the integrated management system (IMS). This is achieved with a focus on safety and quality and an in-depth knowledge of all relevant Australia-wide and individual state standards and installation rules.

We have a Workplace Health Safety and Environmental system that is highlighted in our Work Health Safety Management Plan, which is fully compliant to Australian legislation. Learn more about our SBL Solution sustainability strategy plan here or contact us for more information about our quality assurance.


Wind Energy in NSW

The NSW Government is committed to a diverse, affordable, modern energy system. Wind energy is a key part of the state’s energy mix and is supported under the government’s Renewable Energy Action Plan. Wind farms promote investment and growth in regional NSW. Plus, they’re a cost-effective, non-rainfall dependent income stream for farming communities. Interest in the development of wind energy projects across NSW has been strong. This is because wind energy is one of the cheapest forms of new build large-scale energy generation.

Work, Health and Management System

The review of SBL Group of Companies Work, Health and Management System is a crucial component of the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Management activities, ensuring that the system we manage is regularly reviewed and amended through the ongoing growth and continuous improvement within the organisation.


Collectors Wind Farm Project

The Collector Wind Farm saw the installation of 54 x Vestas V117 4.2Mw Wind Turbines. SBL Solutions held the Mechanical and Electrical Installation Contract and performed this work over a period of approximately 9 months during 2020. The project was described as very successful across all scopes of works amidst the challenges of COVID restrictions.

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