By SBL Solutions / Oct 24, 2022

SBL Solutions Services

Quick summary

SBL Solutions' services has a long reference list of Wind Farm Construction projects throughout Australia, Asia and New Zealand.

Services And Maintenances

SBL Solutions’ services provide complete support to most Wind Farms throughout Australia, Asia and New Zealand and are the leading Service Provider in the Industry. Our highly qualified and skilled Electrical and Mechanical Workforce will ensure the productivity and efficiency of your Turbine assets are maximised during their life.


Services Capabilities include:

  • Break in maintenance
  • Annual and semi-annual maintenance
  • 500 hour servicing
  • Main component exchange
  • Retrofit and upgrades
  • Drone inspections
  • 3rd party compliance in inspections of lifts, hoists, anchor points and ladders
  • Commissioning and decommissioning of turbines
  • Low, medium and high voltage cabling and testing
  • Uptower gearbox repairs
  • Uptower generator repairs
  • Turnkey project support including supply of craneage and mobile plant
  • Bolt tensioning


Main Component Exchange 

SBL Solutions support our clients with heavily experienced Technicians that assist with the exchange of Main Components such as gearboxes, generators, main shafts, blades and bearings. We have a core group of technicians able to mobilise at very short notice to fulfil the clients needs. During the life operation of wind turbines, the replacements of main components are required periodically due to failures and or ongoing technical issues. This process is challenging for all parties given the tight schedule of the wind farm due to downtime operation of the turbines and inclement weather which could impact the exchange schedule. 


WTG Inspections

During the operational life of a Wind Turbine, many elements affect the condition and efficiency of these machines overtime. SBL Solutions can provide all inspections necessary to fulfil the Clients periodic inspection needs and flag any condition and or defects prior to any failures occurring, reducing turbine downtime and productivity. SBL Solutions provide a complete 3rd party Statutory Compliance inspection of your Turbine assets. This includes lift, hoist, ladder and fall arrest, anchor point inspections, rescue kit and fire extinguisher inspections IAW relevant AU/NZ Standards and OEM Manuals. SBL comes equipped with 2 x state of the art drones with qualified pilots performing blade and tower inspections. Prompt detailed reporting post inspection is provided for all inspection services.


Mechanical & Electrical Installation

SBL Solutions has a long reference list of Wind Farm Construction projects managed from beginning to end for the Mechanical and Electrical scope of works. We have had the presence of most construction projects with teams of up to 60 staff present during the project, including site and project management, HSE, quality and site administration, also backed and supported by offsite senior management.


Services Capabilities include:

  • Offloading of components
  • Quality control of components
  • Levelling of foundations
  • Preparation of major components
  • Pre and main installation of components
  • Complete electrical cabling of turbines
  • Final completion of turbine installations
  • Commissioning of turbines post installation